It's been one of those weeks

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A portrait of my babes once a week in 2015 (19 months)

It is on our evening walks that I feel summer is slowly leaving us. The other day we donned beanies and jerseys as we tracked the guinea fowl and their new chicks around the garden. Our legs are bare and that new morning chill quickly gives way to warm days. Autumn and spring are so fleeting where we are, it is almost as if you go to sleep in summer and wake up in winter. So I am enjoying this time of transition and I am so much more aware of these subtle changes in nature and our surroundings since I am experiencing them with you. 

'This strangely still pause between summer and autumn, greenery and gold, and the heat and rising wind that is once again readying itself to rush it all away in a climatic symphony of color and scent is - in my opinion, one of the best parts about living on earth."
Victoria Erickson


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A portrait of my babes once a week in 2015 (19 months)

"Sometimes I need only to stand wherever I am to be blessed."
Mary Oliver

Twin kisses

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A  mother once said that she just has to stand exactly where she is to see how blessed she is. The love between these two is not always reciprocated. Anna's giant bear hugs are not always welcome and Florence's demands for kisses are not aways met. But when the affection coincides, it is ridiculously cute (and makes my heart melt over and over again).


A portrait of my babes once a week in 2015 (18 months), Cheska's babyshower

Here are all the women in your family: your great grandmother, Granny Nanny, your gran, Kimmy, your mama, your aunts, Cheska and Hugolyne, and your cousin, Honor. These portraits are usually just of you, but these women are so part of you and who you are and the world in which you exist so I wanted to include this. You can count yourself blessed because they are a pretty formidable, loving and special bunch of ladies which I am proud to call my own, my closest friends and my inspiration for what it is to be a woman and a mother. You are already so part of this womanhood, this sisterhood, this family of so many girls which gets more wonderful with every new addition.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A portrait of my babes once a week in 2015 (18 months)

Florence you have always been about comfort. Making sure your feet are propped up, falling asleep with one arm out of the cot or legs straight up against the side, you lean back into whatever may be behind you - a wall, a person, a couch. You have recently added a large pillow from our bed to your collection of comfort which includes a dummy and a binky. You indicate for teh dummy by going "blabla bla" (tongue against lips), you call Binky BiBi and your refer to your pillow as Pi. In the morning you take all three around with you, putting the pillow on the floor to sit down. You have also been known to request the pillow behind your head while I am changing you, behind your back while you are in your high chair, and under your feet while you are in your car seat. You fall asleep feeling the pillow case between your fingers. You yourself are a little fluffy pillow and I think you have a good thing going baby girl.

home away from home

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Our little family of four recently went to Cape Town for a holiday. Renting a house or apartment makes more sense to us now that we have babes as it means more space and our own kitchen. Beside, it's fun to feel like a local when you are travelling. We stayed in a lovely home in Greenpoint which we found through Airbnb. I loved the little creative details, cool art and quirky objets found throughout the place.

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