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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hello lovely readers - if there are any of you still here. Sorry for the silence. I can't believe I have been away from here for almost two months! I have missed it and will now attempt to play catch up with my weekly portrait posts. (You know how the longer you leave something, the harder it is... Yip, that's where I am right now so I need to just jump in).

I blame it (mostly) on the fact that I have been working on Rock-a-Baby, a fair from moms and babes which took place in Braamfontein at the end of September. Putting this fair together was a full time job, done so with babes on hips and during nap times and night times and basically any free time I could find. I'm pleased to say the fair was a success (people actually came and bought stuff!) and was worth all the effort we put in to it. Here are some pics of the day, taken by Lauren Kim Photography. Follow us on Facebook for more photos and updates.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A portrait of my babes once a week in 2014 (13 months and 2 weeks - 58 weeks)

My mom told me that she loved the feeling of her babies on her hip so much that she carried us everywhere.  I know what she means - that perfect weight on your hip bone, a little arm around your back, sometimes playing with the hair at the top of your neck, sometimes tightly gripping the fabric of your sleeve, little legs swinging freely, face close and engaged in conversations about random sights around you, your arm wrapped around firm waists, warm skin, beating hearts. 

And I get to have two.  


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A portrait of my babes once a week in 2014 (13 months and 1 week - 57 weeks)

Soft downy heads and twin whispers. Sisters and soul mates.  Private jokes and sudden giggles. Copy cats and tormentors. Physical fascination and empathetic reciprocity. Exactly the same and yet so completely different. Sharing and swapping, continually negotiating. Spontaneous kisses and occasional nips. You look for each other when you wake up and smile when you see each other. You show concern when the other cries. You always want what the other has. You want to do what the other does. You want to eat what the other eats. Your milestones have tracked so closely, as if you've decided together when to stand and when to blow bubbles. A push, a pull, entwined hands. You trade as a form of sharing, as if by offering something else you can claim what the other has. They say the bond between twins is stronger than the bond between a mother and child. Watching you two I believe it's true.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A portrait of my babes once a week in 2014 (13 months - 56 weeks)

Oh the juicy, sweet delights of strawberries. Florence you are very precise eater when it comes to these delicious winter fruit. And right now they are your absolute favorite thing to eat - you request one every meal. You delicately hold the short, green stem and take small bites until, savouring each mouthful (silent and serious in this endeavor), there is nothing left but a stalk and a few leaves. Anna, you prefer a hands-on method. You dig your fingers into the flesh which provides you with more joy than the taste of the strawberry. You too take the task at hand seriously, although it's hard to look passed the red stains on hands and babybgros and bibs and face. Touching, feeling, tasting, discovering. It makes me want to try strawberries for the first time again.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A portrait of my babes once a week in 2014 (1 year and 3 week - 55 weeks)

That milky baby smell has all but gone. I catch myself smelling it now and then, perhaps late at night when I am rocking you back to sleep and my face is nestled in your hair.  My milk was the last thing you drank and your warm breaths against my shoulder take me back to a time when you were tiny. But I love this new, constantly changing smell. The smell of sweet, damp stickiness when you awake from your nap on a hot summer afternoon, the smell of peanut butter, bees wax and baby powder. The smell of Kimmy's perfume from riding her hip all morning. The metallic smell of chewing keys and holding onto to wagon edges. The faint hint of fresh herbs we've been picking in the veggie garden. And underneath all those transient smells, the smell of you forming and attaching and making me burst when I breath you in.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I'm also talking about nostalgia. The speed at which babies grow and change means it's always lurking there - fresh nostalgia just beneath the surface of a smile.

{from here}


A portrait of my babes once a week in 2014 (1 year and 2 week - 54 weeks)

A few mornings ago, just before the crack of dawn, you awoke at the same time and we snuggled you into bed for your morning feed, one in each arm.  You were both upset and it was taking a while to settle you back to sleep. It seemed that Anna was trying to console Florence as she gentle tapped her back and you eventually drifted off with hands entwined on my chest. Watching this warmed my heart and I want to write these moments down so I one day tell you stories of growing up as twins.
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